::::  American Civil War Vessels - CONFEDERATE
Code - AC61
Description - C.S.S. GEORGIA AC61 Ironclad Battery built in Savannah, Ga. in 1862/63 and employed in defending the river channels below the city. Her engines were too weak for her to move under her own power. She was destroyed on 21st December 1864 during the evacuation of Savannah. Dimensions 156' x 40' x 10.5'. Protection 4" railroad "T" iron, backed by 20" wood at 40 angle. Armament Bow 1 x 32pdr rifle Starboard: 3 x 8" S.B., 1 x 32pdr rifle. Port: 2 x 9" S.B., 2 x 32pdr rifles Casemate Deck: 1 x 24pdr S.B., 1 x 6pdr S.B.