::::  Dutch Wars to Seven Year War Vessels - FRANCE
Code - DUF06
Description - LE PROMPTE x 2 FRENCH BARQUE LONGUE OF 1692 Small French 2 masted vessels, precursors of the later corvettes. All served in the channel or Atlantic coast of France, as the type was not used in the Mediterranean. Like most of her type, Prompte was built at Dunkerque. Tonnage 50 tons Dimensions 50’ x 15’ x 6’ Armament 8 x 4 pdr Similar vessels include Belle, Mechant, Blonde, Etendu, Pouponne, Bonne, Brune, Assurée, Commode, Flèche, Boussole, Biche, Vedette, Dorade, Joyeuse, Volage & Fouine but armament varied between 6 and 12 x 4 pdr.