::::  Dutch Wars to Seven Year War Vessels - ENGLAND
Code - DUB18
Description - HAZARD x 2 – 10 GUN SLOOPS Launched 1744, and captured by the Jacobites at Montrose in 1745. Handed to French who named her Le Hazard, she subsequently became the Privateer Le Prince Charles, before being recaptured in 1746. She was sold in 1749. Sisters:- Swallow, Speedwell, Tavistock, Hornet, Kingfisher, Raven, Swan, Badger, Dispatch, Falcon, Hound, & Scorpion. Dimensions 91’ x 26’ Armament 10 (later 12) x 6 pdr Sails varied, but most were “ Snow” rigged, which by this period was the same as “Brig” rigged