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Commerce de Marseilles
Code - NPF01
Class - 120 Guns
Description - COMMERCE DE MARSEILLE NPF01 FRENCH 120 GUN SHIP Designed by Sané, and completed 1788, she was captured by the British at Toulon, and served in the Royal Navy until 1802 as a stores ship. Sister ships:- Orient, Océan. Majesteux, Vengeur, Austerlitz, Wagram. Later ships - Impérial, Montebello, Héros, Souverain, Trocadéro, Friedland, Ville-de-Paris, Louis XIV & Roi de Rome (scrapped on stocks) replaced 12pdr with 18pdr guns.. Armament 32 x 36pdr, 34 x 24pdr 34 x 12pdr, 20 x 8pdr 4 x 36pdr carronades Colour Black with yellow strakes along gun decks. Bulwarks - red. Deck - scrubbed teak.