::::  Merchant Ships
Code - N9039
Class - 211
Date - 1966
Description - SD14 CLASS DRY CARGO SHIP N9039 The type was designed in 1966 to replace “Liberty Ships” which were reaching the end of their useful lives. 211 were built in all, many of which are still in service. Tonnage 8,800 gross, 14,200 tons deadweight Dimensions 440’ x 67’ x 28 ½ ’ Speed 14 knots Cargo Capacity 766,000 cubic feet Most had five 5 ton derricks to handle cargo, but arrangements varied from owner to owner. Sisters include:- Belle Isle, Dunelmia, Belle Rose, Arrino, Ana, Cluden, Funing, Bronte, Derwent, Browning, Boswell, , Sea Moon, Belloc and London Grenadier, Fusilier, Cavelier and Bombardier.