::::  Renaissance Warships
Venetian Galley (2) - Light galley with 3 guns forward.
Code - 3MR5
Description - 3MR5 VENETIAN GALLEY (x2) The basic Venetian galley was lightly built to give greater speed and manoeuvrability than those of other nations. With 24 banks of oars and 144 oarsmen (often freemen who would also fight in a boarding action) they carried an armament of one 36 pdr and two 12 pdr guns forward, as well as small swivel guns on the sides. At Lepanto, Venetian Galleys averaged only 75 soldiers each, but numbers were bolstered by the addition of Spanish and Italian solders, lent by the Spanish. Papal Galley were borrowed from Venice, but carried a larger number of soldiers, about 135.