::::  Renaissance Warships
Lanterna (1)– based on flagship of Don Juan of Austria.
Code - 3MR2
Description - 3MR2 LANTERNA Largest type of fighting galley, Lanternas were used as “Flagships” of squadrons or fleets. Flagships were usually described as a “Capitana” or “Padrona”, or in the Turkish fleet a “Sultana”. Their large size made them cumbersome and most carried two sails, although a few had three. The “Real”, flagship of Don John at Lepanto, had 35 pairs of oars, but most would have had nearer 30. Usually 5 cannon were carried forward, - up to a 48lb cannon of eight, 2 demi-culverins of 12lb and 2 sakers of 6lb. Small swivel guns were mounted on the sides. This required up to 420 oarsmen, as well as the sailors and ships officers, and up to 400 troops.