::::  Renaissance Warships
Venetian Galleass (1)
Code - 3MR1
Description - 3MR1 VENETIAN GALLEASS Very powerful Venetian warships converted from large merchant galleys, six of which fought at Lepanto. They carried a strong battery on the broadside, as well as in the bows, but this made the vessels very unwieldy. Even with 25 banks of oars each side, and 250 oarsmen (350 were intended) and sails on three masts, it was still necessary to use up to 4 galleys to haul them into action. Once in range however, they were decisive having a total discharge of 326 lbs. This comprised 2 26 lb guns, and a further 28 guns made up of culverins, cannon and perriers. 6 guns could fire ahead, 6 astern and 18 on each broadside. As well as the oarsmen up to 300 soldiers and 70 sailors were carried.