::::  Naval Vessels - BRAZIL
Code - 3MBRZ2
Description - BRAZILIAN NAVY OF WORLD WAR 2 BATTLESHIPS N8211a, MINAS GERAIS, Launched 1908, 19,200 tons, Speed 21knots, Armament, 12 x 12", 14 x 4.7", 4 x 3" AA, 4 x 40mm AA, Armour 9" Belt, 2 " Deck Sister SAO PAULO (refit not actually carried out) N8211 SAO PAULO, Launched 1909 19,281 tons, Speed 21 knots, Armament 12 x 12, 22 x 4.7, 8 x 3 pdr, Armour 9 Belt, 2 Deck CRUISERS N8232a, BAHIA Launched 1909, 3,150 tons, Speed 27 knots, Armament 10 x 4.7", 4 x 3" AA, 4 x 21", Armour 1 " Deck Sister RIO GRANDE DEL SUL, DESTROYERS N8252, ACRE , Launched 1945, 1340 tons, Speed 35 knots, 4 x 5", 2x40mm, 4x20mm, 6 x 21" Torpedo Tubes, Sisters AJURICABA, AMAZONAS, ARAGUARY, ARAGUAYA. N8253, MARCILIO DIAS, Launched 1940, 1,500 tons Speed 36 1/3 knots , Armament 4 x 5", 4x40mm, 8x20mm, 4 x 21" Torpedo Tubes, Sisters GREENHALGH & MARIZ E BARROS., N8254, JARUENA Launched 1939, 1,400 tons, Speed 35 knots, Armament, 3 x 4.7", 4 x MG , 8 x 21" Torpedo Tubes, 120 depth charges Sisters JAPURA, JAVARY, JARUA, JAGUARIBE, JUTAHY, N1523, MARANHAO, Launched 1913, 934 tons, Speed 32 knots, Armament, 3 x 4 , 2 x 21 Torpedo Tubes. SUBMARINES N8261, TUPI Launched 1934, 620 tons/ 853 tons, Speed 14 knots/ 7 knots, Armament, 1 x 3.9", 2 x 13mm, 6 x 21" Torpedo Tubes, 4 bow, 2 stern Sisters TIMBIRA & TAMOIO . N8262 HUMAITA, Launched 1926, 1,390 tons/ 1,884 tons, Speed 18 knots/9 knots, Armament 1 x 4" , 6 x 21" Torpedo Tubes, 16 mines Total 2 BATTLESHIPS 2 CRUISERS, 15 DESTROYERS 4 SUBMARINES The Brazilian Navy at the outbreak of the Second World War was caught in the middles of a program to completely modernise itself. At that time, only one of its two capital ships had been modernised, Minas Gerais in 1934-39, with Sao Paulo due to follow shortly after. However, due to the war the proposed rebuild was continually put off, and she was finally scrapped, unmodernised in 1951. The navy's two light cruisers had been completely rebuilt in the mid 1920's . However at that time Brazil had no modern destroyer force at all. Accordingly a force of six British "H" type destroyers was ordered in 1937 for delivery in 1939/40. The outbreak of war ensured that none of the class were ever delivered, all six being purchased by Great Britain on 4 September 1939. The main difference between these and the British "H" Class was the absence of Y 4.7" gun mount, and the increased Depth Charge armament. To follow the British built ships the Brazilians had laid down three destroyers in their own shipyards. Based on the American Mahan class these ships were the first major warships to be built by Brazil. The original design included 5 x 5", and 8 x 21" torpedo tubes, but these were cut down and the anti-aircraft armament increased accordingly. To replace the six vessels taken over by the British, six new vessels were laid down in Brazilian yards, to a design very similar to the British ships. However, in the course of construction, much assistance was provided by America, still neutral at that time, and the resultant vessels resembled U S destroyers of the Craven type due to the trunking of the funnels. Finally the navy possessed four modern submarines, all having been built in Italy between the wars. Brazil entered the Second World War on the Allied side in 1942, and by 1944 was taking sole charge of convoy duties between South America and Trinidad. Her major loss during the war was the cruiser Bahia, which blew up in 1945.