Code - 3MGER1
Description - NAVWAR 1/3000 SCALE - GERMAN AIRCRAFT CARRYING VESSELS OF WW1 N3215 ANSWALD Hamburg Bremer Afrika Linie vessel completed 1909. Taken in hand for conversion to seaplane mother ship FS1 in 1914, and used in this role in 1916. After the war she was taken over by the British and served in the Merchant Navy as the Vulcan City until she was broken up in 1933. Displacement 13,200 tonnes Dimensions 133m x 16.6m x 7.4m Armament 2 x 8.8 cm AA Seaplanes 3 Speed 11 knots N3214 SANTA ELENA Ex Hamburg South America Line vessel, completed 1907. Taken over by the navy in 1914 and converted to a seaplane mother ship in 1915 as FS11. Probably the best of the merchant conversion, she could carry 4 seaplanes in hangers, and another four on her decks. She served against the Russians in 1917 and at one time acted as a floating base for 16 seaplanes, which were moored to boom while she was at anchor. After the war she reverted to a merchant role serving under the British, Italian and French flags before being scuttled at Marseille in 1944. Displacement 13,900 tonnes Dimensions 137m x 16.7m x 7m Armament 2 x 8.8 cm AA Seaplanes 4 in hangers 4 on deck Speed 11 knots N3322A STUTTGART The light cruiser Stuttgart was taken in hand for conversion to an aircraft mothership in 1916 at the Imperial Dockyard Wilhelmshaven, the work being completed in 1918. Two of the aircraft were carried in the hanger, but the third was carried on the hanger roof, in the open. She was surrendered as a prize to the British at the end of the war, and subsequently broken up. Displacement 3469 tonnes Dimensions 117m x 13m x 5.2m Armament 4 x 10.5 cm 2 x 8.8 cm AA Torpedo Tubes 2 x 45cm Aircraft 3 Seaplanes Speed 23 knots N3212 OSWALD Ex SS Oswestry of the Imperial Steam ship Company of Manchester and completed in 1905. She wascaptured on the outbreak of war, and renamed Oswald. Served as a minesweeper mother ship from Summer 1917 to April 1918, when she was put in and for conversion to a Seaplane Mother ship as FS111. Displacement 7,650 tonnes Dimensions 112.5m x 15.3m x 6.7m Armament 2 x 8.8 cm AA Seaplanes 4 Speed 10 knots N3305A ROON The armoured cruiser Roon was laid up disarmed in 1916, and reconstruction as a seaplane tender planned. The reconstruction was due to take place in 1917/18 and was to take 20 months. No work had started by the end of the war, and she was broken up in 1921. Displacement 10,266 tonnes Dimensions 128m x 20m x 7.7m Armament 6 x 15cm 6 x 8.8 cm AA Aircraft 4 Sea Planes in hangers Speed 21 knots Armour Belt 4", Deck 2.75" N3211 AUSONIA The turbine powered passenger ship Ausonia had been launched on 15 April 1915, and towards the end of 1918 a project to convert the incomplete hull as "Aircraft Steamer I", was put in hand. Due to the end of the war, and subsequent international agreements on naval armaments, the conversion was never implemented, and the hull was broken up in 1922. Displacement 12,585 tonnes Dimensions 158m x 19m x 7.4m Aircraft 13 fixed wing or 19 folding wing sea planes and 10 wheeled aircraft Speed 21 knots