NAVWAR 1:3000th ships are fine metal castings which can easily be painted using ordinary enamel paints. Each packet contains
either one model or the number shown after the ships name, and is supplied with a data sheet.

The GENERAL QUARTERS rules are ideal for wargaming with these ranges for W.W.1 and W.W.2., whilst STEAM and STEEL
are the set for the Pre-Dreadnought era. Modern naval combat is covered by Warship Commander Rules. All of these rules are listed on page 5.

The headings for the ships listed in this catalogue contain the following information:-

“Number” is Navwar’s identification number for that model or pack.

“Class” relates to number of ships built in class to the design of the model + no of vessels planned or projected.

“Date” refers to the date the vessel was built (or planned) to the design depicted by the model..

Each pack contains one ship unless shown otherwise.

The “price” is per pack.

An asterisk (*) after the ships name indicates that separate sails are included.

Names printed in italics relate to ships that are sister ships of vessels built by another nation or which have been
transferred or acquired and which are also listed under the original nation. The listing of these ships under the
second nation is for information only.

e.g. N285 Drummond shown under Argentina relates to the French frigate N285 D'ESTIENNE D'ORVES. The model does not differ and the information
included with the model relates to its country of origin.