:::: 1:1200th scale ships overview
Our range of 1/1200th scale sailing ships continues to grow, with Chinese Junks being added to the range. With the new additions our ranges now cover conflicts in the East, as well as the Elizabethan era, American War of Independence, The Seven Years War, The War of the Spanish Succession, all three of the Dutch Wars, and the Napoleonic Period. It should be remembered that precise details of ships become more difficult to obtain the earlier we go back. Few 18th Century vessels, nominally in the same class, were built to exactly the same plans, and with refits and rebuilds, vessels which started out as near sisters, could often end there lives looking very different. This is even more true for the Tudor era where scholars continue to argue about details of individual ships. Paintings of ships of the period are often described as different vessels by different authors. We continue to choose models that are typical of a particular class or type at a particular date, rather than provide ranges of near identical half sisters. The division of the range into “Napoleonic and American Independence”, “Dutch Wars to Seven Years War” and “Armada” is purely arbitrary. Vessels from either side of the “divide” may be used together.